What to Expect From Psychosexual Therapy?

What to Expect From Psychosexual Therapy?
Posted on November 19, 2022

My goal as a therapist is to work in collaboration with my clients to facilitate the changes that will give them the sexual lives they want. I help clients come to a better understanding of their sexual and relationship difficulties.

Initially, we will discuss the client's personal understanding of the problem. During this assessment, we will determine whether there is a potential need for further investigation from a GP, Sexual Health Doctor, Specialist Physiotherapist, Urologist or Gynaecologist.

We will take a personal history and create a treatment plan for moving forward, with regular review sessions to determine how the work is going. Sessions take place weekly for fifty minutes and involve the security of the therapeutic relationship supporting the work using self-help tools, practical exercises to be done at home, sexual education, and increasing sexual self-confidence and comfort in sexuality or sexual relationships. Sessions are strictly talking therapy, and any exercises are to be done by the individual or couple outside of sessions. As I work integratively, we will be looking to understand the problem in the context of the individual. This includes talking about social, cultural, and family beliefs, as all of these will have an impact on how one knows and understands their sexuality.  

I work with individuals and couples of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and sexualities.

I support clients with a wide variety of challenges related to sex and help them achieve a healthier sexual life. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • General or specific stresses or anxiety around sex: worries about your sexual problems may preoccupy your mind; you may even find that your anxiety in this area is interfering with some aspect of your sex life.
  • Lack of desire or desire discrepancy: This is apparent when you or your partner(s) may not feel as much sexual desire as you would like to, or you may not experience the same amount or frequency of sexual desires.
  • Challenges with sexual arousal: You may have difficulties feeling sexually aroused, achieving orgasms, or experiencing orgasms sooner than you want. 
  • Compulsive sexual behaviours AKA Sex and pornography addiction: I help clients deal with compulsive behaviours relating to sex. 
  • Issues relating to sexual trauma: Clients who have been victims of sexual trauma often experience ongoing challenges around sex and sexuality. I support clients in the process of healing from sexual trauma.
  • Challenges relating to sexual orientation or gender identity: As these challenges can also affect your sex life, I support clients who struggle with any aspects of their sexual orientation or gender identity, 
  • Painful intercourse: Though it can be caused by underlying medical issues, painful intercourse can sometimes be related to stress or anxiety around sex. 
  • Body image or self-esteem issues: Especially in a culture that places a high value on sex appeal and physical attractiveness, issues around sex can challenge an individual's sense of self-worth. I can help you to break down mental barriers while learning to accept new possibilities in your life. 
  • Exploration of new sexual activities: Are you and your partner(s) interested in trying out a new kink or exploring nonmonogamy?
  • Feeling generally stuck or unsatisfied sexually: You might be stuck in a rut and not quite sure why, or you might be interested in exploring new sides of your sexuality and unsure of where to start.

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