Sylvia Anim
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Hi, I'm Sylvia. I am a COSRT registered sex and relationships therapist. I am also a Practitioner Member of the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network. 

I have been interested in the scientific study of human sexuality (sexology) for over fifteen years.

I initially studied counselling from a generic stance. However it took for the unfortunate events of the pandemic to prompt a change of career. I am now a qualified Clinical Sexologist.

Coming from an African background, there was always a stigma around talking about intimate issues. Sex is still seen as a taboo subject and one that shouldn't be addressed in public, or spoken of at all. This can sometimes make it difficult to address any sexual issues that one could be experiencing.

It takes courage to make the first step in involving a third party in improving relationship and sexual wellbeing.

I take a pluralistic approach that is based on humanistic and client-centered ideals and necessitates working with my client to help them achieve their goals. I follow the Biological, sociological and psychological model with an understanding that psychosexual issues are not just purely physical problems but also both psychological and emotional.

This approach leads me to tap into different modalities as a means of tailoring my support to the specific needs and goals of my client and provide strategies to make positive changes that will benefit them and their relationship(s) in an open, non judgmental and empathetic safe space.

Working in a collaborative style engages my clients in the therapeutic process, empowers my clients to see themselves as the star and director in their own show and also promotes autonomy.

I predominantly work with people of all genders and sexualities and relationship constellations with a wide range of sexually presenting and relationship problems. 

All sessions are facilitated via Zoom, this enables me to cater to clients anywhere in the UK. 

I offer client's support in these areas but are not limited to: relationship concerns, communication issues, sexual dysfunctions, compulsive sexual behaviors, sexual identity exploration, desire discrepancies, and addressing sexual or childhood trauma.

Book yourself into a free 15 minute discovery call with me today and let's see how I can support you in having the sexual life and peace you desire and more importantly, that you deserve. 

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